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Kindred Spirits Sanctuary was founded in late 2003 in response to an overwhelming need for farm animal sanctuaries. Farm animals are exploited every day in our society, and are subject to some of the most horrendous forms of harassment, abuse and neglect. Industrialized or factory  farming operates on the basic premise that farm animals are mere commodities, not thinking, feeling beings. Animals that exist in these factories suffer in silence. It's our mission to change that!

Kindred Spirits is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending the abuse and suffering of farm animals through direct rescue, advocacy and education. We seek to provide a place where people can connect with these sentient beings and discover their unique (and often humorous!) personalities. At Kindred Spirits, farm animals are our friends, not our food. We are passionate about helping others form bonds with these remarkable animals, and gladly give tours on scheduled days. Kindred Spirits Sanctuary invites you to come and give a pig a belly rub, or get a kiss from a cow! Volunteers are also welcome to join our "Work Parties" and are invaluable to our rescue work.

The Sanctuary is located on 36 beautiful acres in Ocala, Florida. Our 140 sanctuary residents receive around-the-clock care, high quality diets, spacious barns and green pastures in which to laze and graze. Most importantly, they are treated as individuals and given a loving, peaceful environment where they can live without pain, hunger or fear of exploitation for the remainder of their natural lives.

Upcoming Events



5   | TOUR: 11am

19 | TOUR: 11am

1   | Cows & Cupcakes 10am - 2pm


15 | Vegan Potluck 1-4pm

29 | Tour & Speech: Yuri

        w/ Vegan Outreach



1   | TOUR: 11am

4   | TOUR: 10am
4   | WORK PARTY: 11am

15 | TOUR: 10am

15 | WORK PARTY: 11am
25 | TOUR: 10am


11   | Vegan Potluck 1-4pm

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 Lots of people talk to animals....Not very many listen, though....That's the problem.

-Benjamin Hoff

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